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I started listening to Soundgarden in my early teens. They were one of my favorite bands — probably my favorite band after Kurt Cobain killed himself, ending Nirvana. They were the first band I saw live without parental supervision. Just me and some other high school kids from Queens, trekking into the city for a show in some unairconditioned old armory in the middle of summer. The first time I ever saw a pit. First time I experienced the power of a crowd, as Soundgarden came out to "Jesus Christ Pose" and a few thousand people pushed forward at once, crushing me into a metal barricade, not enough to truly hurt me, but enough to stir up a little bit of fear, mixed with invigoration.

And now Chris Cornell is dead.

Each time one of these icons dies, part of my childhood goes with them. And while it sucked when Prince died not too long ago, I think this one is even worse—at least for me personally. Maybe because I was so tied to this band during such a hard time in life. The angry teenage years.

Man, I have so many memories attached to this band. Maybe you do too. Maybe you never heard of them. Maybe you think they're corny. It doesn't matter, as long as you know what I'm talking about—as long as you have a connection to some music in your life that transcends and defines. A song that stops you whenever you hear it. An album that you can't help but connect to one specific moment in time. An artist whose music almost becomes a friend to you.

You know what I mean.

Now, as for the image below, many years ago, when I had no money, no wife, no house, no kids, barely a job—back when I was just a dude in Astoria living with a few roommates—I would draw every day. Not just Dustinland strips. I just drew. Just made art. "Art." Because it was fun. Because I had time. Time to get baked and draw! And one day about 15 years ago, I did just that—while listening to Chris Cornell sing "Like Suicide."

I tried to draw a comic this week. But this is all I've got. Hope it's enough.

dustinladn chris cornell comic

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