marriage and kids

Learning Language: Cursing
The Sounds of Parenthood
The Awful Tooth: Tooth Fairy Blues
Risqué Business
Emergency PM
Forced Fun
First Day
Stay Clean
Kids Say The dadakalkjskjlr
Snack Attack
Son of Dustinland
The Dad Zone
To Be Young
Sick Day 2017
Stay Young
Time For Vacation
Be Cool
Not Appealing
Unintentional Filth
No Swat
Kevin AKA Heaven
My Favorite
Innocence Lost
My Four-Year-Old Son Wrote This Comic
4-Year-Old Wisdom: Wedding = Boobs
Kids Say The... (Butt Meat)
Rated PG
Homeownership: Joining The Club
Welcome To Home Ownership
Mi Casa es Mi Casa: Buying a House
No News Is Good News
Gold: 2016 Olympics and Elections
What Kids Want
Happy Father's Day 2016
Toe Flush
PJ Day (Dr Seuss Is Dead)
Daycare Bullies
Burning Marshmallow
Two Mommies
Parenthood Is Crazy
Gender Neutral
Parenthood New Year's Eve
Infinite Mess
Late Again
Daylight Saved
The Long Hard Truth
Bright and Shiny
Just Playin: AKA Dad Slap
What If I Acted The Way My Toddler Does...
Generation Wi-Fi: Kids and Technology
Babies Are Drunk, Toddlers Are High
Kids Are Awesome
Dad Naps
Day Of The Dad
I Scream AKA My Hatred of Ice Cream Trucks
3-Year-Old Tales 1
A Week In The Life of A Modern Parent
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Arguing With Children
The Keys To Happiness: Swinging
Time Off: Vacationing With Kids
Real Men
Here's To Parenting: Drinking And Dadhood
In-home Drive-by
Pay It Forward
Butt Why?
Potty Mouth
Bed Time
Unstoppable Squishing: Too Many Hugs
A Fatherly Moment
The Zoo: Wild Expectations
The Bad Times
Dada Phase
The Hard Hello: Dustinland meets Sin City
Cox in Sox: Coxsackie
Routine Bedtime
Draw The Line
Father's Day: Reality
Bedtime AKA The Napkin Incident
Kid Rules: War
Our Favorite Things AKA Happy Mother's Day
Growing: What If We Never Stopped
More choo-choo
Working Animals (Dads)
The Fart
The Day I Stopped Caring
Should You Have Kids?
Nothin But A G Rating: Filthy Rap Lyrics
Carry On: A Workout For Parents
Fakation (Vacationing With Your Kids)
Understanding Dadness
No. 1 Dads (Happy Father's Day)
Baby, No One Cares
One Stupid Mother
It's Your Thingy
25 Things Your One-Year-Old Will Try to Pick Up and Eat
One Spiteful Saturday (With My Son)
Old Friends
First Words
The Holiday Spirit Cycle
Crawling Along (Babies, That Is)
The Baby Boobie Cycle: Pregnancy, Babies & Boobs
Big Baby
Words for My Son
Tummy Time
Again! Again! Again!
The Next Phase
Circumcision: To Snip or Not to Snip
Shush The Shit Out of Your Baby
Father's Day
Rejected Onesies
Repulsive Children
American Dad
Nightmare on Baby Street
So You Want to Have a Baby
Observations of a New Dad
Onesie Funsie
Guide To Weird Baby Names: Boys
Whatever It Takes
Big News: I'm a Dad!
Babies Get Sick A Lot
Real Cute aka That Baby is Pooping
Liquor, Beer, and Wives
To Baby, Or Not To Baby
The Art of Fighting
The Next Generation
Babies and Zebras
Buying a House is for Grown-Ups
How's Married Life?
Getting Used to Wearing a Wedding Ring
A Decent Proposal


Sick Of It All: Impeach Meant
Breathe: Post Midterms
Last Chance: Election 2018
Overcome (Conservatives Must)
Days of Despair
Compassionate Conservatives
Kids Get It
Sunny Days
Slippery Slope
The Golden Fool
Happy Holidays: 2017 Style
I'm Posititve
Oh Say Can You See?
Tomorrow Is Yesterday: Coal vs Solar
Trump Card
So Much Winning
A Needed Disctraction AKA Pepsi
Mo Politics Mo Problems
Nothing Changes
Innocence Lost
Social Media After Trump
The Real Winners: Congrats Terrorists!
The Fun Never Begins: Arguing With Trump Supporters
Excuse Yourself AKA No, You're The Stupid: A Guide For Trump Voters
Donald Trump's Cabinet
You Better Watch Out: The Donald Claus
Bubble Bobble
America 2016: Torn In Two
Post Debate Syndrome
From The Bottom Of My Heart: Election 2016
The Wonder Years: The 90s
Climate Change and the 2016 Election: The Choice Is Yours
Gold: 2016 Olympics and Elections
Taking Advantage of America
Truly Trump
Bernie vs Hillary
2016 Election: I Just Can't Say
A Meaty Resolution: Eating Less Meat
The Gun Debate
The Terror Cycle
Dope Pope
Election 2016: Tellin It Like It Is
Season In The Abyss: Election 2016 Preview
Atlas Snugged
Draw The Line: Thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo Killings
2014 Midterms: A Tough Climate For Positivity
The People's Climate March
2013: A Year In Review
Wake the Fuck Up: A Global Warming Comic
Why I Don't Like The Freedom Tower
Gun ContrLOL
Rolling Over 2012
Party of Fie: Republicans in 2012
A Message To The President
Superheroes on Politics
Election Year Kids' Shows
Financial Douche Baggery
Global Warming: When Late Isn't Better Than Never
We The People
Why We're Screwed
A Message From President Santorum
Jobs: A Very Crude Political Solution
2011: The Year In Review
Today's Standings - Two Political Parties In The U.S.
Outta This World Earnings: The Alien One Percent
Stop The Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
Occupy Wall Street: Nothing Lasts Forever
9/11: Ten Years After
Talkin 'Bout 'Merica
Thirsty for The Truth (About Fracking)
So, Osama Is Dead
2010: Year In Review
How Elections Work in America
Republican Double Standard
This Is (Cable) News To Me
Fun With Fox News Viewers
Tea Party Weekly
Why it makes sense to beleive in man-made global warming
Relief Effort
2000-2009: Worst Decade Ever?
What If: The American Revolution Took Place Today
How to know if your child a Democrat or a Republican
Town Hall of Shame
Baracist Obama
Race To The Finish
Fight Back Against Vote Fraud in '08!
A Brief History of Conservatism
Same Story
McCain vs. McCain
The Reality of The 2008 Election
Peedom Isn't Free (In Yankee Stadium)
Olympic Trials
Early Life Crisis
Decision 2008: The Movie — Casting the Candidates

love sex

If I Were Single
The Keys To Happiness: Swinging
Hot And Cold: Women In The Winter
Time To Go - Women take a long time getting dressed
Always Bet On Assholes
Be A Man
So You Want Advice
It Ain't Over Til You're Over (Each Other) - The Stages of Breaking Up
Talkin Bout Love
Is it Better to Dump or to Be Dumped?
Porn: Harmless Fun or Detriment to Society
Annihidate: Do you hate the person dating your best friend?
I Need Yo Love
Love Song
The Art of Fighting
Ho Blind AKA Bewlidered By Beauty
Ask An Asian
Talking To The Ex = Trouble
How To Look At Boobs Safely
My Friend Got Naked and Punched His Roommate


Big Bidness
A Modern Interview
First Day
Time For Vacation
The Meeting
Single Malt Problems
What If I Acted Like Trump At Work
Garbage Man
Late Again
Departnering: My Advertising Partner Quits
Great Job
Say What: Awkward Office Racism Fun Times
Why (Do I Work Late [In Advertising])
Sad Men
The People In Your Office - Part 2
Forever Young — I Look Much Younger Than I Am
Focus Groups: Behind The Mirror
Anti Social Security Guards
How Work Works
Open Office Seating
Two Weeks Notice
The Stages of Being Left Behind at Work
What is success?
Sick Days
Digital Days
Happy Holidays 2008: You Better Watch Out
Benefits of a Bad Economy
Survival of The Fittest
The Other Side
Half Day
The People In Your Office


Shower Prodigy
RIP Chris Cornell
The Color Of Pain (The I'm Blue Da Be Dee Comic)
Despair (The Cotton Eyed Joe Comic)
Baby, You're a Star: RIP Prince
Infinite Playlist
Nice Fade (Musically Speaking)
Nothin But A G Rating: Filthy Rap Lyrics
Unplugged: An Earbud Quandary
Sounds of the Kitchen
Colorful Music
Rap Cliches Explained
Last Goodbye To Cassette Tapes
Tinnitus Blues
Check The Rhyme Yall: Fun With Classic Hip-Hop Lyrics
The Worst Job Ever: Concert Sound Board Operator
It Sucks When Bands Change Their Sound
Love Song
Grunge: Where Are They Now?
The Beatles Rock Band Effect
Put A Ring On This
The Music Nerd's Burden
Tom Breihan Is Tall

new york city

Move Your Sack - Metro North Seat Blockers
Livin The Dream
Commuted: My New Westchester Metro North Train Ride
Meet The Mets Fan
People I See at the Supermarket
Subway Sweats
Jeremy Linsinuations
9/11: Ten Years After
Hurricane Irene Live Comic
Thirsty for The Truth (About Fracking)
Representing Queens, New York
Don't Be An Asssnowle: Does and don'ts for snowy weather
The Theory of Hipster Relativity
TRAINing Day: A True NYC Subway Story
Peedom Isn't Free (In Yankee Stadium)
Rollerblade Messenger Job
First Car
The Ten Subway Commandments


Optimist Prime
40th Birthday
Slow Down: Whatever
Searching For Answers With Siri
To Be Young
The Straggle
Kevin AKA Heaven
The Power of The Asshole
In With The New
Words for My Son
Why We're Screwed
Selective Reasoning: Science Haters
Fallacies 101: Part 2
God's Greatest Hits (And Misses)
I Read The Whole Bible
Not My Problem
Fallacies 101: A guide to arguing
Why it makes sense to beleive in man-made global warming
Dustin's Believe It Or Not
What's Good?
The Benefits of Happiness
Expect The Worst
Happiness Can Be A Choice
Is Political Ignorance Bliss?
After Death


The 6 Stages of Dead Phone Battery Grief
2 Live Cru
Instagram Cliches 2
Real Cute aka That Baby is Pooping
Sky Maul
Rejected Nose Spray Ads
Whiskers on the Rocks
But Seriously Folks
Puppy Face
Read the Fine Print on Your Bills


Finale Four
2019 Resolutions
Agey Oldays
The 12 Days of Harassmas
You Better Watch Out: The Donald Claus
Happy Father's Day 2016
Parenthood New Year's Eve
Merry Christmas!
Day Of The Dad
New Year's Absolution
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Tree Of Spite
Father's Day: Reality
Our Favorite Things AKA Happy Mother's Day
The 12 Days of Xmas
No. 1 Dads (Happy Father's Day)
The Holiday Spirit Cycle
Father's Day
Happy Holidays 2011 Style
Happy Ho-lloween Slutty Costumes
Can Grown-ups Enjoy The Holidays?
Tis The Season
Ire-Land - I Hate St. Patrick's Day
Happy Holidays 2008: You Better Watch Out
Election Day Story TIme / Halloween Butt Grab
The Thanksgiving Day Parade is a Giant Advertisement