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Reviews of Thanks For The Meh-mories: 20 Years of Dustinland Comics

"I’ve been a huge fan of Dustinland since its inception. Dustin is both hilarious and poignant and somehow always manages to articulate what we’re all feeling at any given time. Personally, he’s been a beacon of truth, wit and authenticity in the fog that is my adult life. I hope to be reading Dustinland until the day I die — Tuesday, Feb 30th, 2326." 

— Gil Ozeri, Writer, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Happy Endings, Big Mouth

"I've been reading Dustinland since 1999. I don't know what that makes me. Bored, I guess."   

— Jake S. Friedman, Animation historian

"For more than 20 years, Dustin Glick has been using his life as a canvas to project and illuminate the prosaic and profound in his singular Dustinian way. His deceptively simple drawings for Dustinland often highlight deeper truths of politics, social issues, relationships, sex, friendship, music and whatever else is on his warped mind. The brilliance of Dustinland is its ability to generalize the personal, forcing readers to confront uncomfortable truths while simultaneously laughing their asses off. It's a rare comic that can both radiate with eternal optimism at how we treat each other and make you pray for the apocalypse at how we treat each other. Dustinland never discriminates, showing a 360-degree view of life and all its weird foibles, minor annoyances, glorious moments and everything in between."

— Jason Newman, Senior News Editor, Rolling Stone

"Dustin Glick is a funny guy with a lot to say on a wide range of topics, and he draws pictures that make it so easy for my simple brain to understand complex ideas. Get in on the ground floor of DUSTINLAND, a brand new comic that is now twenty years old!"

— Chris Giarrusso, Author/Illustrator, G-Man, Mini Marvels

"Before the dumpster fire that was 2017, Dustinland had cornered the market for depressing me each week. With this collection, I can now journey back to a simpler time when just this comic made me sad." 

— Mike Ayers, Arts and Entertainment Journalist, Wall Street Journal, TIME, Rolling Stone

"I would love a copy of this one. Love you long time!"
— Michael E Jordan
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